Golden Stone Bangkok:
Tradition Meets State-of-the-Art

Thailand, known for its long and rich history in jewelry craftsmanship, serves as the manufacturing base for the Golden Stone Group of companies. Established in 1989, our Bangkok site is involved in wholesale trading of gemstones and colored stones, and provides as well design and contract jewelry manufacturing services for both the local and international jewelry market. 

Sourcing high quality diamonds from Surat, and gemstones and colored stones from neighboring Chanthaburi - the 'City of Gemstones' - known for its highly skilled gemstone cutters, our team of local jewelry designers and artisans use traditional design techniques combined with innovative state-of-the-art manufacturing practices to transform these raw materials into exquisite jewelry.

Services provided: Loose Diamond and Gemstone Sourcing, Jewelry Design and Support, Contract Jewelry Manufacturing

 Golden Stone Co., Ltd. (Showroom, Buying & Manufacturing)
1249 Gems Tower, Suriwong Road,
10th floor, Suite 117,
Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand, 10500
Tel: +66959585490